46605 Docent

You hunted me down because you saw my painting. I know that I am not easy to find, so I want to thank you for your effort. What exactly did you see in my painting? I want to docent the painting so you will remember it as I do.

You saw the following:

  • The numbers 46605. They are the dimensions of the painting in inches.
  • Two lines and an oval in black. Most people have in their mind one line and a circle.
  • Gentle brushes.
  • Colors like what you would see if gas were a rainbow on top of water or:
  • Colors like what you would see if you looked into a diamond.
  • And with a little study there are all sorts of detail type things to see.

From recollection though this is a pretty good list to go by, nothing compares to seeing it and remembering it this way. I have gotten confident about the painting, and I am comfortable knowing that you liked it. Thank you again for your visit.


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